Isolation (2005)

A horror film set on a lonely farm in rural Ireland

Blu-ray, 1h 35min
Rating: 5.6
Votes: 6617
Languages: English
Country: UK, Ireland, USA
Director: Billy O'Brien
Writer: Billy O'Brien

Plot outline

On a remote Irish farm, five people become unwilling participants in an experiment that goes nightmarishly wrong.

Personal notes



On a remote Irish farm, five people become unwilling participants in an experiment that goes nightmarishly wrong. - Anonymous

The broken farmer Dan rents his farm for the scientist John from the Bovine Genetics Technology that is researching genetic modifications of cattle to increase its fertilization. The veterinarian Orla is bitten by the calf while helping the cow to deliver, and she feels that something went wrong with the experiment. During the night, the cow has a narrow passage for the calf, and Dan asks the young couple Jamie and Mary that is parked in a trailer in front of his farm's entrance to help him in the delivery. When the offspring is born, it bites Dan; Orla arrives later and realizes that it is a genetic anomaly and she sacrifices the calf. During the autopsy of the animal, she discovers that the fetus is pregnant and she destroys the freak hybrids. However, one of them escapes and attacks a cow first and Jamie later. When John arrives in the farm, he discovers that there is the danger of infection of human beings and decides to quarantine the spot. But one offspring is alive and need to be captured. - Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dan, a bovine farmer down on his luck, agrees to rent out his farm to a scientist. The scientist, John is working with a veterinarian Orla who comes to check on the cow they have impregnated. Dan has been told nothing of what the experiment hopes to accomplish and as he needs the money, he seems unconcerned until during an examination of the pregnant cow, Orla is bit by the fetus. Orla plays it off to Dan as nothing major but when John shows up, she admits what happened and demands to know if the baby is all right. John tells her that the sonogram is coming up fine and talks to Dan about two squatters he has on the property, demanding he get rid of them. Later that night, the cow goes into labor but it is a narrow passage and Dan gets help from Jamie, one of the squatters to help him deliver. Once the baby is born, Dan, trying to check on it, is bitten. Orla returns and, upon an exam of the calf's mouth, determines that it is a genetic abnormality and that the experiment failed. She kills the calf to autopsy the body but in doing so discovers something very disturbing. The calf was pregnant. - Heather Hunt