The Firm (1993)

Power can be murder to resist.

Blu-ray, 2h 34min
Rating: 6.8
Votes: 112757
Languages: English
Country: USA
Director: Sydney Pollack
Music: Dave Grusin

Plot outline

A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side.

Personal notes



A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side. - Kenneth Chisholm

Mitch McDeere is a young man with a promising future in Law. About to sit his Bar exam, he is approached by 'The Firm' and made an offer he doesn't refuse. Seduced by the money and gifts showered on him, he is totally oblivious to the more sinister side of his company. Then, two Associates are murdered. The FBI contact him, asking him for information and suddenly his life is ruined. He has a choice - work with the FBI, or stay with the Firm. Either way he will lose his life as he knows it. Mitch figures the only way out is to follow his own plan... - Mark Harding

Young up-and-coming Harvard law grad Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise) is being courted by major law firms across the country, including Chicago, New York & Los Angeles. When he decides on a small but prosperous firm in Memphis, TN, headed up by Oliver Lambert (Hal Holbrook) and Avery Tolar (Gene Hackman), Mitch and his wife Abigail (Jeanne Tripplehorn) are thrilled. But within weeks of joining the firm, 2 lawyers are savagely murdered when their boat blows up under suspicious circumstances. Mitch is soon approached by FBI agents and the U.S. Department of Justice who inform him that the law firm he works for is heavily involved in the criminal enterprises of a mob family in Chicago. In addition he is told that many young lawyers have been killed while employed by the firm. Mitch soon discovers that the firm has indeed been involved in corruption, racketeering, mail fraud, homicide, and grossly over-billing clients. Now, facing prosecution himself - or death from the firm security enforcers - Mitch & Abigail concoct a plan to hand over files exposing the criminal behavior of the firm to the DOJ and FBI. But the sinister security agents of the firm, headed by William Devasher (Wilford Brimley) are also in pursuit of McDeere, and they will stop at nothing to silence McDeere and protect their interests. - medic249a2

Mitch is a much sought after young graduate of law school. When he's made an excellent offer by a small law firm in Memphis, he and his wife Abby, are elated. Very soon Mitch becomes worried about "The Firm's" clients, and is approached by the FBI who are investigating their Mafia connections. - Rob Hartill