Midnight in Paris (2011)

Blu-ray, 1h 34min
Rating: 7.7
Votes: 369118
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German
Country: Spain, USA, France
Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen

Plot outline

While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée's family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight.

Personal notes



While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée's family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight. - Anonymous

Gil and Inez travel to Paris as a tag-along vacation on her parents' business trip. Gil is a successful Hollywood writer but is struggling on his first novel. He falls in love with the city and thinks he and Inez should move there after they get married, but Inez does not share his romantic notions of the city or the idea that the 1920s were the golden age. When Inez goes off dancing with her friends, Gil takes a walk at midnight and discovers what could be the ultimate source of inspiration for writing. Gil's daily walks at midnight in Paris could take him closer to the heart of the city but further from the woman he's about to marry. - napierslogs

The successful Hollywood screenplay writer Gil Pender is spending his vacation in Paris with his fiancée Inez and her parents since his future father-in-law is on a business trip. Gil is an aspiring novelist who loves Paris, and dreams of living in the city after getting married to Inez. Furthermore the romantic Gil believes that the golden age of Paris was in the 1920s and he loves to walk through the streets of the city. When Inez meets her former boyfriend, the pseudo-intellectual Paul, with his girlfriend Carol, they spend some time together visiting tourist attractions. At night they drink wine at a party and Paul invites the couple to go dancing with Carol and him. Gil, however, prefers to return walking alone to the hotel. At midnight an old car stops and the passengers invite him to go a party and soon he realizes that he is back in the 1920s, where he meets his favorite writers, musicians and artists and lives his dream. - Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pasadena-based Gil Pender would rather be a novelist than the hack--albeit successful screenwriter--that he is. A romantic at heart, Gil has little in common with his fiancée Inez or her wealthy conservative parents--she is much like them--whom Gil and Inez are with in Paris, accompanying them on her father's extended business trip. Gil, against Inez's sensibilities, would love to live in Paris so that he could write his novel full time, that novel which is a fantasy of his own life, complete in wanting to live in what he considers the golden era, 1920s Paris. Gil also has little in common with Inez's friends, most specifically Paul and Carol Bates--professor Paul, who Gil believes is pedantic as someone who spouts off everything about anything, but who Inez believes is brilliant. One evening while Inez ditches Gil for an evening out with Paul, Gil gets picked up by a group of party-goers in a 1920s vintage vehicle, who invite him along to their party. At the party, Gil meets a couple named Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, their names which he initially believes is coincidence. He quickly comes to the realization that he has been transported back to 1920s Paris and the two are indeed the couple famed in literature. On subsequent evenings, Gil comes to the realization that he can travel back to this, his dream setting, at midnight every night at that exact location transported by that 1920s vehicle. Subsequently, he meets and befriends the elite of Paris arts and culture of the time, including Cole Porter, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dalí. Gil initially plans to share this revelation with Inez, until he meets Adriana, a muse of Picasso's. There is a seeming mutual attraction between Adriana and Gil. Although he would love for his midnight trips to last forever, his time especially with Adriana shows Gil what he truly is striving for in his present twenty-first century life. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Gil Pender is a screenwriter and aspiring novelist. Vacationing in Paris with his fiancee, he has taken to touring the city alone. On one such late-night excursion, Gil encounters a group of strange -- yet familiar -- revelers, who sweep him along, apparently back in time, for a night with some of the Jazz Age's icons of art and literature. The more time Gil spends with these cultural heroes of the past, the more dissatisfied he becomes with the present. - Jwelch5742

Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy about a couple (Owen Wilson as Gil, and Rachel McAdams as Inez) who go for a family vacation in Paris, and the twist and turns of Gil's subconscious in a fantasy world filled with all his muse as a writer.