Clear and Present Danger (1994)

Truth needs a soldier.

Blu-ray, 2h 21min
Rating: 6.9
Votes: 85085
Languages: English
Country: USA, Mexico
Director: Phillip Noyce
Music: James Horner

Plot outline

CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against a Colombian drug cartel.

Personal notes



CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against a Colombian drug cartel. - anonymous

Jack Ryan is back and this time the bad guys are in his own government. When Admiral James Greer becomes sick with cancer, Ryan is appointed acting CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. Almost before he can draw a breath in his new position, one of the president's closest friends and his family are murdered in their sleep by what appears to by drug cartels. Ryan is called in to investigate, but unknown to him the CIA has already sent a secret field operative to lead an illegal paramilitary force in Colombia against cartels. Things get even more complicated when his team is set up and he loses an agent in the field and a friend of his wife's, who was the murdered agent's secretary, is murdered that same day. Ryan must then risk not only his career, but his life to expose the truth behind the mystery. - SindyMac

Anti-narcotics shoot on the home of drug traffickers who are not inside; women and children also die. Jack Ryan investigates the type of weapons that lead back to US weapons and the traffickers discover through other people that the US has been attacking the home of traffickers in Colombia. Representatives connected to the narcos ask an American representative to annihilate the anti-narcos. "Everything is right or wrong," says Jack Ryan when he tries to find out who authorized the shooting. He finds out that it was the US president who authorized the CIA. Anti-narcos are isolated in communications and are massacred. Jack Ryan finds out and orders everything to be recorded. One of the infiltrators warns the captain that Ryan has discovered everything and ordered to close the satellite. The captain captures Ryan and when he understands he wants to help him he asks for a helicopter. They find a single survivor. Ryan proposes in return Felis Cortez, who wanted to do business with the US government. Another narcos bursts and kills the chief narcos and a sniper rescues Ryan from the distance and Captain Clark enters the room. They go to free the two prisoners who are in bad condition. With many difficulties they manage to escape with the helicopter. Ryan accuses the US president. - luigicavaliere

Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst, is thrust right in the middle of a power struggle within the Colombian drug cartel after one of the President's "life long" friends is murdered, apparently in retaliation for stealing money as part of a money laundering scheme for the cartel. Jack is then appointed acting Deputy Director of Intelligence, CIA, upon the terminal illness of Admiral James Greer, former DDI, and quickly gets in over his head due to his political naivete. The situation rapidly deteriorates when some of the presidents men convince the President to conduct covert actions against the cartel, in direct violation of congress. Felix Cortez, the security chief of Ernesto Escobeda, the "victim" of the missing money, is one of the cartel boss's. Cortez tries to play both sides, appearing to inform Escobeda about the CIA's involvement in the covert operations against him, while trying to orchestrate a coup to take over the cartel, with Cortez as it's sole boss. James Cutter, the President's National Security Advisor, makes his own deal with Cortez, with the Presidents knowledge, and halts communications to the covert troops still in Colombia, through the Deputy Director of Operations, CIA, Robert Ritter. Ryan ends up going to Colombia to rescue the covet ops troops with the help of field agent John Clark, but not before some fence mending between the two, being that Ritter blamed Ryan for the comm outage, with Clark's men subsequently being captured by Cortez's mercenaries. - Bill Walch

When an American businessman who is a good friend of the President's is killed along with his entire family, the killings appear to be the work of a Colombian Drug Cartel. Upon hearing this, the President tells his National Security Adviser -- James Cutter-- that he wants him to start a Black Op against the Colombians. At the same time the President orders every agency to find out why his friend was killed. CIA Deputy Director James Greer, whom the President has asked for help as well, is in poor health, so he asks his protege -- Jack Ryan-- to fill in for him. Jack finds himself working with Robert Ritter (whom Greer has told him him not to trust)and Ritter is the very person Cutter has asked to handle the operation. Jack eventually finds out that the dead businessman may have been involved with the Colombians and may have been embezzling from them. When Ritter puts the plan into operation, the Colombians are wondering who is after them. So, the Cartel's intelligence man "Felix Cortez" tries to find out, while he is--at the same time-- plotting to assassinate Ernesto Escobedo (the head of the cartel) and take over the entire operation. When a CIA secretary, who had been seen with Cortez in D.C.turns up dead, Ryan becomes convinced that there is a three-way conspiracy afoot which might extend all the way to the White House. -