View from the Top (2003)

Don't stop till you reach the top.

Blu-ray, 1h 27min
Rating: 5.2
Votes: 24642
Languages: English
Country: USA
Director: Bruno Barreto
Writer: Eric Wald

Plot outline

A small-town woman tries to achieve her goal of becoming a flight attendant.

Personal notes



A small-town woman tries to achieve her goal of becoming a flight attendant. - Anonymous

Donna Jensen was raised literally and figuratively on the wrong side of the trailer park in Silver Springs, Nevada. She always believed it was her destiny to get out of Silver Springs. After reading Sally Weston's book, Sally who is arguably the most famous now ex-flight attendant in the world, Donna believes the path to leaving Silver Springs is to become a flight attendant despite never having been on an airplane. After an initial bumpy start to this career, Donna shows a natural flair for the job, so much so that she applies to work for world class Royal Airlines, where Sally Weston mentors. After meeting Donna, Sally believes Donna is destined for flight attendant greatness, namely working first class in the New York-Paris flights. Donna believes in herself as a flight attendant, but has to overcome some obstacles, including flight attendant trainer John Witney, who has some hidden anger issues, and her friend Christine Montgomery who also wants to be a great flight attendant despite not having Donna's aptitude at it. In her path to the top of the profession, Donna also has to decide where Ted Stewart, the man with who she falls in love, fits in, he a law student based in the airline flight backwater of Cleveland. - Huggo

A comedy centering around Donna, a young woman from meager beginnings, who has high hopes for the future and dreams of living the glamorous life. Donna dreams of becoming a first class international flight attendant, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that her dreams come true. The road to success though, is rarely a smooth flight, and as she begins her trip she encounters more turbulence than even she bargained for. But the real question is whether her bumpy start will force her to leave her real dreams behind, or if it will take her on a journey of a lifetime. - Sujit R. Varma

Donna's a girl from a small town, who wishes to get out of it and see the world. She reads the book of Sally Weston, a flight attendant who was flown to practically everywhere. She then decides to become a flight attendant at a small commuter airline. After gaining a little experience she decides to apply to a major airline. She convinces her two co-workers, Sherry and Christine to join her. While she and Christine get in, Sherry doesn't. Now Donna is putting her heart and soul into it and after meeting Sally Weston, she is determined to be assigned to an international route. But when the asignments are posted, she is shocked to discover that she is been assigned to a commuter route in Cleveland. While she feels that her dreams have been dashed, she meets a great guy but when she decides that she's going to fight for what she wants, she has to chose between him and it. -