Elizabethtown (2005)

The Best Place To Find Yourself.

Blu-ray, 2h 3min
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 65527
Languages: English
Country: USA
Director: Cameron Crowe
Writer: Cameron Crowe
Music: Nancy Wilson

Plot outline

During a hometown memorial for his Kentucky-born father, a young man begins an unexpected romance with a too-good-to-be-true stewardess.

Personal notes




During a hometown memorial for his Kentucky-born father, a young man begins an unexpected romance with a too-good-to-be-true stewardess. - Anonymous

After causing a loss of almost one billion dollars in his company, the shoe designer Drew Baylor decides to commit suicide. However, in the exact moment of his act of despair, he receives a phone call from his sister telling him that his beloved father had just died in Elizabethtown, and he should bring him back since his mother had problem with the relatives of his father. He travels in an empty red eye flight and meets the attendant Claire Colburn, who changes his view and perspective of life. - Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Oregon based Drew Baylor contemplates suicide after his professional world starts to fall apart. A running shoe designer for Mercury Worldwide Shoes owned by the egomaniacal Phil DeVoss, he cost the company close to $1 billion after his latest much hyped running shoe design, the Späsmotica, which was supposed to revolutionize the industry and which just went into mass production and initial distribution, is recalled, the shoe ultimately deemed an utter failure. Drew is fired, with news of the fiasco to hit the public consciousness in a featured article in one week's time. Before he can commit suicide, he learns that his father, Mitch Baylor, has just died of a heart attack while visiting his hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. As the oldest offspring and as his mother, Hollie Baylor, was dependent upon Mitch for everything in life, Drew is assigned to go to Elizabethtown to represent Hollie, his sister Heather Baylor, and his own wishes for Mitch's funeral against Mitch's extended family, who Hollie, Heather and Drew have not seen in years. There is especially bad blood between Hollie and the Baylors because she was the one who stole him away from Elizabethtown to the west coast, and from his Elizabethtown girlfriend Connie to whom he was engaged. Drew plans to go to Elizabethtown to carry out this task before he returns home to continue with his suicide mission. Drew feels overwhelmed in this task as he is seen by the extended Baylor family as the successful one, and he feels he needs to maintain the façade for his mother's sake. To deal with this overwhelming situation, he turns to the one person he feels he can, namely Claire Colburn, the gregarious flight attendant he met on his Louisville inbound flight. Ultimately, Claire may not only help Drew get through the funeral arrangements, but may provide Drew with a different perspective of his life. - Huggo

After causing the Oregon shoe company he works for to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, Drew Baylor is fired for his mistake, and promptly also dumped by his girlfriend, Ellen. On the verge of suicide, Drew is oddly given a new purpose in life when he is brought back to his family's small Kentucky hometown of Elizabethtown following the death of his father, Mitch, as it falls to him to make sure that his dying wishes are fulfilled. On the way home, Drew meets a flight attendant, Claire Colburn, with whom he falls in love, in a romance that helps his life get back on track... - austin4577@aol.com

Hours after a ruinous product debut, suicidal industrial designer Drew Baylor learns of his father's sudden death. As the only son, Drew must travel to their small hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky to attend to his father's memorial. On the flight to Kentucky, Drew meets Claire, a quick-witted flight attendant, who helps him navigate the rough waters ahead and proves that amazing things happen when you least expect them. - very_craza_steveo