The Mechanic (2011)

Someone has to fix the problems.

Plot outline

An elite hitman teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.

Personal notes



An elite hitman teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims. - Anonymous

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a 'mechanic' - an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets. It's a job that requires professional perfection and total detachment, and Bishop is the best in the business. But when his mentor and close friend Harry (Donald Sutherland) is murdered, Bishop is anything but detached. His next assignment is self-imposed - he wants those responsible dead. His mission grows complicated when Harry's son Steve (Ben Foster) approaches him with the same vengeful goal and a determination to learn Bishop's trade. Bishop has always acted alone but he can't turn his back on Harry's son. A methodical hit man takes an impulsive student deep into his world and a deadly partnership is born. But while in pursuit of their ultimate mark, deceptions threaten to surface and those hired to fix problems become problems themselves. - Anonymous

Assassin Arthur Bishop is an artist at his craft; he can make any job seem like natural causes or an accident if necessary. He has learned to stay detached. But when he is told to kill his friend, Harry, it's hard for him but he does it anyway. He makes it seem like a car jacking. Harry's son Steve so despondent over his father's death sets out to go after every carjacker he can find. But when he gets over his head, Arthur saves him. Arthur then decides to make Steve his apprentice. And while Steve is not as refined as Arthur, they continue with their collaboration. Arthur later learns that the circumstances surrounding Harry's hit is not what he was told. -

Skilled, effective, and extremely lethal, the cold-blooded elite assassin, Arthur Bishop, is a "Mechanic" employed by a nefarious international organisation, specialised in killings so precise and meticulously designed, that each job seems like an accident. Unfortunately, things will take an unexpected turn, when a rigid order to take out the good friend and mentor who taught him everything he knows, will eventually bring on Arthur's doorstep the deceased's loose cannon son. Remorseful, Arthur will take the new apprentice under his wing to show him the tricks of the trade; however, what happens when this fresh killer-in-the-making finds out his teacher's weighty secret? - Nick Riganas