Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Next summer, the greatest battle lies... within.

Blu-ray, 2h 19min
Rating: 6.2
Votes: 477517
Languages: English, French
Country: USA
Director: Sam Raimi

Plot outline

A strange black entity from another world bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil as he contends with new villains, temptations, and revenge.

Personal notes




A strange black entity from another world bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil as he contends with new villains, temptations, and revenge. - Jason_Rance

Peter Parker has finally managed to piece together the once-broken parts of his life, maintaining a balance between his relationship with Mary-Jane and his responsibility as Spider-Man. But more challenges arise for our young hero. Peter's old friend Harry Obsourne has set out for revenge against Peter; taking up the mantle of his late father's persona as The New Goblin, and Peter must also capture Uncle Ben's real killer, Flint Marko, who has been transformed into his toughest foe yet, the Sandman. All hope seems lost when suddenly Peter's suit turns jet-black and greatly amplifies his powers. But it also begins to greatly amplify the much darker qualities of Peter's personality that he begins to lose himself to. Peter has to reach deep inside himself to free the compassionate hero he used to be if he is to ever conquer the darkness within and face not only his greatest enemies, but also...himself. - Dark-Spidey

Everything is lining up great for Peter he has finally got the love of his life Mary Jane Watson to marry him. But one night when the strange meteor crash's it clangs on to peter bonding him with an alien symbiote suit. This changes peter once the symbiote is attached by to him he changes his life around.Once he finds out his uncle's real killer is still alive who's Flint Marko/sandman he seeks revenge as his ex best friend harry Osborn becomes the new goblin and peter deals with Eddie Brock. Once peter realizes that he is doing everything wrong he decides only one way you can make it right by getting rid of the alien symbiote suit by riping it off which eventually leads to the birth of venom. peter now faces all the darkest demons as he also tries to win back Mary Jane Watson. - Anthony Nardelli

Peter Parker is finally happy: he is doing well at the school, his girlfriend MJ Watson loves him and the whole city loves his crime-fighting alter-ego Spider-Man, finally bestowing upon him the praise he so rightly deserves. Apart from this, he has made some new foes and rivals . His former friend-turned-foe Harry Osborn has become the New Goblin and wants to avenge his father by killing Spider-Man. On one night, an alien symbiote from outer space crash lands in Peter's vicinity and attaches itself to his Spider suit, turning it black in colour and enhancing its powers. Flint Marko, a fugitive, is turned into The Sandman when he gets subjected to a molecular lab experiment. Incidentally, Marko is the person who is revealed to have killed Peter's uncle Ben and now Peter wants revenge. Peter's job as a freelance photographer with The Daily Bugle is taken by Eddie Brock. Peter also learns that apart from enhancing his powers the black symbiote has also brought out the dark side within him which causes him to ruthlessly manages to throw Eddie out of his job. When MJ breaks up with him, he starts dating his fellow student Gwen Stacy who was Edie's ex, to make them both jealous. Soon Peter must decide whether he should let his dark side to dominate his personality or not. - Soumitra

After Mary Jane and Peter Parker have confessed their love for one another, we start things off with them happier than ever. Spider-Man is still doing what he does best - saving the world. Mary Jane is the star of a great Broadway show. However, through all the silver linings, Harry is still blaming Peter for killing his father. After multiple attempts at trying to reason with him and patch things up, Harry finally confronts Peter and they engage in a brutal battle leaving Harry with temporary amnesia. During this time Peter encounters a symbiote, which attaches itself to his Spidey suit. After awhile Peter can feel a difference in his behavior (more aggressive) but as well his powers are amplified. Struggling to save his relationship with Mary Jane he removes the suit using the bells of the church and the suit finally grabs hold of Eddie Brock. Eddie was currently praying Peter would be killed for all the embarrassment that Peter's caused him. Not a minute too soon, Peter gets back to normal, but seems to have lost Mary Jane - and what's worse is she is held captive by Venom and Sandman - who have seem to have join forces. After realizing this, Peter asks Harry for help, but is declined since Harry has gotten his memory back. As Peter goes to face both villains, Harry is told the truth about his father and decides to help Spider-Man. The final battle comes down to Harry and Spider-Man against Venom and Sandman. Who will win? - Kris Hopson

Life finally feels good for Peter Parker. He has managed to balance life as both Spider-Man and as Mary Jane's boyfriend. He is even planning on proposing to MJ. But life isn't always going to be easy for the webbed hero. Harry Osborn still hasn't forgiven Peter for the death of his father. He has developed the perfect technology and crowns himself the 'New Goblin'. Harry isn't the only problem. It is revealed that an escaped convict, Flint Marko is the real killer of Peter's uncle. After an accident, he is now the invincible 'Sandman', who has teamed up with Venom to target the superhero, who is struggling to handle his life. - Film_Fan