Four Christmases (2008)

His father, her mother, his mother and her father all in one day.

Plot outline

A couple struggles to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas.

Personal notes




A couple struggles to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas. - Anonymous

Brad and Kate have been together three years, in love, having fun, doing all sorts of things together with no intention of marriage or children. Christmas morning, they're on their way to Fiji, having told their two sets of divorced parents that they're off to do charity work. Through a fluke, they have no choice but to visit each of their four idiosyncratic parents. As the day progresses, Brad and Kate remember growing up, each learns more about the other, and Kate realizes that her life may not be as good as it could be. Do they know each other well enough to weather the storms families bring?

To escape Christmas and their divorced parents with their dysfunctional families, happily unmarried Brad and Kate have been successfully pulling off the same trick for three years: a little bit of charity work in a far-off place at the end of the world is always the perfect alibi. However, not this year--and as the young couple is forced to spend Christmas with all four of their estranged parents--the ultimate Yuletide disaster is at hand. Can Brad and Kate survive not one, but four Christmases? - Nick Riganas

Until now, Brad and Kate had always managed to avoid spending Christmas with their family by escaping to exotic lands to enjoy heavenly vacations. But this year, they failed. When they arrive at the airport, all the flights have been canceled. Even worse, a television news crew interviews them, revealing to their family where they are. This time, there's no way out and no excuses. Brad's father is waiting for them at his house. So is Kate's mother. And Brad's mother and Kate's father. Four family Christmases, the same day! Brad and Kate expect the worse... and they won't be disappointed. They will be spared of nothing. In between humiliations, the secrets each one of them had carefully kept from the other, the hard feelings and impossible situations, the couple will live through a day that might be the last their relationship can stand. - Happy_Evil_Dude