Open Water (2003)

Drifting into theaters this summer.

Blu-ray, 1h 19min
Rating: 5.7
Votes: 51853
Languages: English
Director: Chris Kentis
Writer: Chris Kentis
Music: Graeme Revell


Based on the true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left. - ahmetkozan

A couple on a holiday in the Caribbean decide to spend the day on a scuba diving trip. But was it the wrong decision? When a mis-count happens on the boat, Susan and Daniel are left behind in the middle of the ocean, the boat long gone. With all their hopes set on the boat coming back to rescue them, they try to keep themselves safe, especially when sharks start to appear. - Film_Fan

Happy couple Daniel 'Dan' and Susan book a tropical holiday in the Caribean. They toughen out a mosquito-spoiled night after the exhausting flight, looking forward to the scuba diving next day. They enjoy it so much they're last to come up, but by then the boat has left, despite the obligatory divers count, which got upset after Seth, who forgot his mask, convinced someone to dive as regulations-required buddy with him. The current carries them away in open water, helplessly trying to attract someone's attention in vain, stung jellyfish and fearing shark attacks. Susan starts whining and absurdly blaming Dan, who feels forced to remind her that it's her's. Both are desperately exhausted by the time their disappearance gets noticed and a rescue operation by plane and boat is mounted. - KGF Vissers

The young thirty-something couple of Dan and Susan decide to go on holiday to the Caribbean. Of the many exciting activities available, the happy holidaymakers choose scuba diving off a reef several miles out; however, due to a miscount, they will soon find themselves left behind in the cold, vast sea. Now, as they drift endlessly for hours, the extreme dehydration, the severe saltwater sickness, and the nasty jellyfish stings will be the least of Dan and Susan's worries, as fleeting sightings of what can only be a shark, can only mean one thing: if the search crew doesn't find them first, the couple will become the unstoppable predator's next meal. Can they survive the wild open ocean? - Nick Riganas