Courage Under Fire (1996)

In wartime, the first casualty is always truth.

Blu-ray, 1h 56min
Rating: 6.6
Votes: 51128
Languages: English, Arabic
Director: Edward Zwick
Music: James Horner


A U.S. Army officer, despondent about a deadly mistake he made, investigates a female chopper commander's worthiness for the Medal of Honor.

The pilot of a rescue copter, Captain Karen Walden, died shortly before her helicopter crew was rescued after it crashed in Desert Storm. It first appears that she made a spectacular rescue of a downed helicopter crew, then held her own crew together to fight off the Iraqis after her copter crashed. Lt. Colonel Serling, who is struggling with his own demons from Desert Storm, is assigned to investigate her worthiness for the Medal of Honor. But some conflicting accounts, from her crew and soldiers in the area, cause him to question whether she deserves it. - Brian W Martz

Two fictional combat stories come together in this film set during the Gulf War (Aug. 1990-Feb. 1991) and afterwards. LCol Nat Serling is haunted by a mistake he made that cost the lives of a friend and his tank crew. He investigates the recommended Medal of Honor for Capt. Karen Walden, who was killed after her rescue helicopter was shot down. Conflicting reports lead him to probe deeper to uncover the truth about Walden and all of her crew, who survived. In the process, he comes to grips with his own demons. - SimonJack

This film is a series of flashbacks in which Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Serling attempts to determine whether Captain Karen Walden deserves to be the first woman ever to win the Medal of Honor for combat. - Lisa Buckley