Miss Congeniality (2000)

Unpolished. Unkempt. Unleashed. Undercover.

Blu-ray, 1h 49min
Rating: 6.3
Votes: 192053
Languages: English, Russian, French, Hawaiian, Spanish
Country: USA
Director: Donald Petrie

Plot outline

An F.B.I. Agent must go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event.



An F.B.I. Agent must go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event. - Tom Bilson

Undercover F.B.I. Agent Gracie Hart shows no signs of having any femininity in her demeanor or appearance. Generally a bright and capable Agent, she is in trouble at work when she makes an error in judgment in a case which results in a near disaster. As such, one of her by-the-books colleagues, Eric Matthews, who has never shown any inclination of thinking outside the box, is assigned to lead the high profile case of a terrorist coined The Citizen instead of her, while she is facing possible disciplinary action. Gracie pieces together the evidence to determine that The Citizen's next target will be the Miss United States beauty pageant. The pageant represents everything that Gracie abhors. Despite Gracie's mannish demeanor, Eric, with no other undercover female Agent remotely fitting the demographic, assigns her to go undercover as a pageant contestant to see if she can flush out The Citizen, who is perhaps one of the other contestants. Although the pageant administration, led by former winner Cathy Morningside and long time host Stan Fields, provide the F.B.I. with access to the pageant, Cathy in particular is less than thrilled to have a non-credible Gracie posing as a contestant, which she feels will ruin the pageant. The F.B.I. enlist the assistance of former pageant contestant coach Victor Melling, who is facing his own disgrace associated with the pageant, to do the nearly impossible task of transforming Gracie, not only into a woman, but a credible beauty pageant contestant. As Gracie proceeds in the transformation, she gets to know the other contestants, not only as potential criminals, but also as real people. She also discovers that another sinister element is present at the pageant. She will do whatever it takes to quash that element and protect her new friends, namely the other innocent contestants. But now displaying some femininity, Gracie begins to have more womanly feelings, and in turn, attracts the attention of men, one in particular about whom she is happy. - Huggo

When a serial killer indicates that his next target is the Miss United States beauty pageant, the F.B.I. decides that they must get an undercover Agent as a participant in the contest. A search uncovers no suitable candidate other than a bumbling female Agent. Reluctantly, her Captain agrees to let her join the team working the case. The team is led by a womanizing Agent who has an apparent reluctant attraction to Bullock's character. She enters as Miss New Jersey, replacing a contestant who was discovered to have acted in a porn movie. The pageant managers are immediately aghast about the Agent appearing in the pageant, but arrange a top handler to come give her a quick make-over, with the expected outstanding results. Unfortunately, she still is bumbling. When the killer is suddenly caught, everything seems to be over, except the female Agent tries to convince her boss that something is still not right. She has discovered that the pageant managers are being dismissed after twenty-one years for younger people, and Bergen's character may not be as solid as she seems on the surface. - John Sacksteder