The Night Flier (1997)

The best King adaption since Misery

Blu-ray, 1h 34min
Rating: 6
Votes: 9040
Languages: English
Country: USA, Italy
Director: Mark Pavia
Music: Brian Keane

Plot outline

A reporter is on the trail of a vampiric murderer who travels by plane.

Personal notes



A reporter is on the trail of a vampiric murderer who travels by plane.

Two investigative reporters for a tabloid magazine track down across country "The Night Flier", a serial killer who travels by private plane stalking victims in rural airports. One of the reporters, Richard Dees, begins to suspect that "the Night Flier could perhaps be a vampire". - Humberto Amador

Richard Dees is a nasty and bitter senior reporter from sensationalist tabloid Inside View. When a mysterious pilot starts killing persons nearby the airports, Richard's boss Merton Morrison invites him to cover the matter, but he is not interest. However, rookie reporter Katherine "Jimmy" Blair studies thoroughly the story of a serial-killer that killed his victims Claire Ellis Bowie in Maine; Buck Kendall in New York; and Ray and Ellen Sarch in Maryland. But Richard steals her research and gives the following advice to Katherine: "Never believe what you publish...Never publish what you believe". He flies to each place in his plane and realizes that the killer might be a vampire due to his style and calls him "The Night Flier", but he does not share his discoveries. Meanwhile Merton assigns Katherine to follow Richard to give a different view of the same story. When Richard finally finds The Night Flier, he descends to the hell in his insanity and Katherine follows his advice. - Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Richard Dees, a cynical reporter for the sleazy tabloid weekly Inside View, is assigned to investigate a series of "vampire" murders, committed at isolated rural air strips. The gruesome trail takes him on a journey into the bowels of hell. - Simon Meade