Blade: Trinity (2004)

Where it began so it shall end.

Blu-ray, 1h 53min
Rating: 5.9
Votes: 166700
Languages: English, Esperanto
Country: USA
Director: David S. Goyer
Music: Ramin Djawadi, RZA

Plot outline

Blade, now a wanted man by the FBI, must join forces with the Nightstalkers to face his most challenging enemy yet: Dracula.


Blade, now a wanted man by the FBI, must join forces with the Nightstalkers to face his most challenging enemy yet: Dracula. - Anonymous

Blade finds himself alone surrounded by enemies, fighting an up hill battle with the vampire nation and now humans. He joins forces with a group of vampire hunters who call themselves the Nightstalkers. The vampire nation awakens the king of vampires Dracula from his slumber with intentions of using his primitive blood to become day-walkers. On the other side is Blade and his team manifesting a virus that could wipe out the vampire race once and for all. In the end the two sides will collide and only one will come out victorious, a battle between the ultimate vampire who never knew defeat, facing off against the greatest vampire slayer. - jay

Blade is back on his quest to rid the world of vampires. When the original vampire, Danica Talos returns, Blake is going to find his job a lot harder. Especially, when the public believe Blade is the real villain. He teams up with the daughter of Whistler, Abigail and a former vampire, Hannibal King to attempt a plan, which could destroy every vampire in existence. - Film_Fan

For the first time in his blood-soaked vampire-slaying mission, the dauntless vampire/human hybrid who possesses the best of both worlds, Blade, finds himself truly cornered, after eradicating the unstoppable menace known as the Reapers in Blade II (2002). This time, the supreme vampire assassin faces the embodiment of terror in the person of the perfect monster and humankind's arch-enemy: the resurrected Count Dracula, or Drake. Now, with his already shady reputation tainted by malicious defamation, Blade enlists the help of the young team of vampire-hunters, the Nightstalkers, who have concocted an audacious plan to rid the Earth of the parasitic bloodsuckers. However, can the "Day-walker" and his new human allies stop the King of Vampires? - Blade II (2002)

As an apocalyptic event takes place that could shift the control of the planet Earth from the hands of humanity to the claws of vampires, the Daywalker, Blade is the only person who can turn the tide of the crisis against the undead blood suckers and prevent the world from becoming a "Planet of the Vampires". To make things a lot harder for Blade, the vampire leadership launches a public relations "smear campaign" against Blade, letting the world of humans know that he exists, so that the police start hunting him down, thinking he is some sort of horrible monster... - Anonymous

Blade is a day-walking vampire hunter. When the Vampire Nation hatches a plan to frame Blade in a series of brutal killings, he must join forces with the Nightstalkers, a clan of human vampire hunters, in an extreme battle in which the trail of blood leads directly to the notorious vampire legend, Dracula. -