Layer Cake (2004)

Blu-ray, 1h 45min
Rating: 7.3
Votes: 162413
Languages: English, Romanian
Country: UK
Director: Matthew Vaughn

Plot outline

A successful cocaine dealer gets two tough assignments from his boss on the eve of his planned early retirement.

Personal notes



A successful cocaine dealer gets two tough assignments from his boss on the eve of his planned early retirement. - Anonymous

A successful cocaine dealer, who has earned a respected place amongst England's Mafia elite, plans an early retirement from the business. However, big boss Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) hands down a tough assignment: find Charlie Ryder (Nathalie Lunghi), the missing rich Princess daughter of Jimmy's old pal Eddie Temple (Sir Michael Gambon), a powerful construction business player and gossip papers socialite. Complicating matters are two million pounds' worth of Grade "A" ecstasy, a brutal Serbian gang, and a whole series of double crossings. The title "Layer Cake" refers to the layers or levels anyone in business goes through in rising to the top. What is revealed is a modern underworld where the rules have changed. There are no "codes", or "families", and respect lasts as long as a line. Not knowing who he can trust, he has to use all of his "savvy", "telling", and skills which make him one of the best, to escape his own. The ultimate last job, a love interest called Tammy (Sienna Miller), and an international drug ring threaten to draw him back into the "cake mix". But, time is running out and the penalty will endure a lifetime.

An unnamed British cocaine dealer treats his work as a business, and neither believes he is or acts like a gangster. He respects those with whom he works, and in return, they respect him. In treating his work as a business, he has amassed a small fortune of laundered money, and despite his relatively young age, he plans on retiring soon. His supplier, Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham), asks him for a small favor outside his normal work: find Charlie Ryder (Nathalie Lunghi), the drug addicted daughter of a well-known colleague named Eddie Temple (Sir Michael Gambon), she, who has escaped from a rehab center. Despite not being his business, he can't refuse Jimmy's request. More along the lines of normal business, Jimmy also hooks him up with a small-time hood named Duke (Jamie Foreman) who has come into a stash of one million ecstasy pills. Jimmy wants in on the business, although the cocaine dealer doesn't like Duke or dealing with him. Problems arise for the cocaine dealer when he finds out the ecstasy pills were stolen from a ruthless Serbian gang, the cocaine dealer, who is implicated as the mastermind. He also runs into problems in his search for Charlie. Regardless of his stance on gangsterism, he may have to act like one to get himself out of this dilemma. - Huggo

Successful drug dealer Mr. XXXX (Daniel Craig) plans his criminal career intermediating business with drugs without calling attention to himself, working with a small gang and honoring his payments with the suppliers. On the day planned for his early retirement, powerful mobster Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) gives him two assignments: find Charlie Ryder (Nathalie Lunghi), the addicted daughter of his associate Eddie Temple (Sir Michael Gambon) and negotiate one million pills of high-quality ecstasy with the stupid smalltime gangster Duke (Jamie Foreman). Mr. XXXX hires two acquaintances crooks in a nightclub to find Charlie, and he unexpectedly meets Duke's cousin Sidney (Ben Whishaw) with his sexy girlfriend Tammy (Sienna Miller) and flirts with her. But Mr. XXXX discovers that the ecstasy was stolen from the dangerous and wild Serbian drug lord Dragan (Dragan Micanovic) who wants the head of Duke and the drugs back. Further, Eddie shows a tape proving that he has been double-crossed by Jimmy, and also wants the ecstasy. The smart Mr. XXXX plots a scheme to resolve the situation and meet Tammy. - Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil